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Hydration of the skin

Hydration of the skin - a must!!! Dehydrated skin flakes on it faster wrinkles appear. Moisture continuously evaporates from the surface of the skin. This occurs when low humidity in hot, cold, dry and especially windy weather, and in rooms with heating.

Therefore, moisturizers are an essential stage of any treatments skin care. These funds not only moisturize the skin (e.g., delivered to the skin tissue moisture), but also increase moisture-controlled and moisture-retaining abilities of the skin.

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Lotion Aqua spray: refreshing with green tea and cypress to look at mirra.ru.com
Action: instantly moisturizes the skin ..
390 Руб 335 Руб
Hydrogel lavender on mirra.ru com
Lightweight, comfortable hydrogel with a melting texture, the ideal moisture for each day. Liposomal..
458 Руб
Moisturizing cream for dry skin with jojoba oil and Alexandrian Laurel hydration of the skin
Moisturizing cream for dry skin protects the skin from moisture loss, protecting it from early aging..
503 Руб
Cream moisture saving Apple wax (tube) Anti-dehydrating cream Moisturizing skin
New formula with amino acid complex and Apple wax for gentle moisturizing: Protects the skin f..
380 Руб
Cream moisture saving Apple wax (Mgr) Anti-dehydrating cream Moisturizing skin
To skin as long as possible retain youth, it is very important to actively moisturize it. To provide..
435 Руб
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