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The cleansing of facial skin

Cleansing is the Foundation of skin care of the face and neck. So every day should start with a cleansing and complete purification of the skin. Only clean skin may be healthy and beautiful.

Cleansers are removed from the surface of the skin sweat and excess sebum, bacteria and dead cells of the upper layer of the epidermis, all kinds of pollution and cosmetics. Pick cleansers needs individually, in accordance with the type and condition of the skin.

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Micellar water Cleansing the skin
A simple and quick approach to cleanse! When there is no time necessary detergents, or just need a v..
480 Руб 413 Руб
Foam cleanser with fruit acids and chamomile Cleansing foam Cleansing face skin
An important part of basic skin care – foam cleanser. The reviews confirm that it is perfect for dai..
435 Руб
Based on 15 reviews.
Cleansing milk for dry skin Cleansing of the face
Cleansing milk for dry normal skin is perfect for everyday use. The tool does not contain alcohol an..
435 Руб
Based on 1 reviews.
Cleansing lotion for oily skin with extracts of celandine and yarrow-Cleansing facial
The cleansing lotion is a required element of the program skin care. Cleansing lotion for the face w..
480 Руб
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