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Rejuvenation of the skin

Facial rejuvenation at home, including by means of hyaluronic acid. Procedure for facial rejuvenation is recommended after 40 years regularly.

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Wheat germ oil with antioxidant complex Phytobalm with an antioxidant complex facial Rejuvenation
Nourishing cream for dry skin – the main anti-age remedy. Wheat germ oil with antioxidant complex af..
780 Руб
Based on 4 reviews.
Multivitamin balm facial Rejuvenation
Multivitamin serum bioemulsia active anti-age action. Great for Mature skin: removes traces of..
636 Руб
Based on 3 reviews.
Enzymatic peeling Enzymatic peeling facial Rejuvenation
Enzymatic peel provides the skin with deep cleansing without mechanical action. The delicate formula..
624 Руб 536 Руб
Balm for the correction of facial contours facial Rejuvenation
Unique balm biolifting the face, neck and décolleté. The special formula of the cream includes the p..
837 Руб
ANTI-AGE serum mirra.ru com
The new serum is a precious for skin! The tool acts through several mechanisms, comprehensively i..
993 Руб 792 Руб
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