Registration of Myrrh, how to become a distributor Mirra Lux

Hello, dear visitor of the shop

To profitable to buy cosmetics Mirra, 30% cheaper than retail You need to register in the company Mirra (formerly Mirra Lux, the latest brand name is Mirra).

How to subscribe to cosmetics Mirra? It's easy: 

  1. To check-in at the store 
  2. Fill the form with Your personal information.
  3. To buy cosmetics in the amount of 3000 RUB at a retail price (within calendar month). Purchase need the official stock Mirra or through the online store (if Your city has no official warehouse Myrrh).


    Next You can choose the kind of relationships with the company: 

  • buy cosmetics for yourself and family at a significant discount 30% without mandatory conditions, when and how much You need (but not less than once every 12 months to preserve discounts);
  • decide to become a consultant and offer makeup the circle of his acquaintances, earning on the price difference;
  • starting your personal business with Myrrh, implementing makeup and helping people to repeat the experience. 

    You can combine these options.

     Activation distributor discount and distribution services.

    After registering on our website You will receive a unique registration number that is assigned to the distributor and there is room in the Company. 
When purchasing Products on the amount of 3000 (three thousand) rubles for the price of the directory (within calendar month) is activated by the distributor discount and services.

    After free registration You can participate in the development of our online store and become a representative of the store in your region. You are ready to work with buyers, it is enough to place information on the regional sites and start getting orders.

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