The rules of the site

Please carefully familiarize yourself with the rules of our shop. Respecting and fulfilling them You will help us to provide quality service for the delivery of orders for cosmetics Mirra. The rules of our shop is the result of communication with our valued customers over the past 13 years, the stores and

Ordering the buyer of the Goods posted on the website of the online store means that the Buyer agrees to all terms and conditions of the site.
Administration of the website of the online store has the right to amend the rules without notification to the Buyer.

We provide Buyer with complete and accurate information about the Product, including information about the basic consumer properties of the Goods, place of manufacture, as well as information on warranty duration and the shelf life of the Goods in the online store under Directory.


The price of each Item listed on the website of the online store. The seller has the right to unilaterally change the price of any Item.
Price feature the product can't change. You pay the amount specified in the basket. The seller specifies the delivery fee on the website of the online store or notify the Buyer when placing the order by the Operator. Obligations of the Buyer on payment of the Goods shall be deemed completed upon receipt by Seller of payment for the order. Calculations between the seller and the Buyer for the Goods manufactured by the methods specified on the website of the online store


Confirmation of the order by the Buyer via an Operator on the phone (or Viber). Complete your order and expect a call from our Operator.
When registering on the website of the online store Buyer agrees to provide the following login information:
- surname, name, patronymic of the Buyer or the specified person (payee)

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