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The beginning of a new beauty of the season is always waiting for the new creams and balms. Following the fashion, HM Mirra regularly releases new, interesting and most importantly effective products.

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Gift box to see
Box of cardboard with a gift shell. Included designer paper as filler. Size: 14х18х6,5 cm ..
35 Руб
Ultra moisturizing facial MASK WITH PEARL POWDER to look at
Chemical composition of pearl powder brings together 36 amino acids and trace elements, and c..
349 Руб
Directory MIRRA PROFESSIONAL the 2018 to see
Illustrated guide to the A4 with the product MIRRA PROFESSIONAL. ..
99 Руб
Almond peeling-booster multicyclonic to look at
Almond peeling - booster peeling multicyclonic 46%, pH 1.9 lines MIRRA PROFESSIONAL designed..
1899 Руб
A set of
Bio-energy is the essence of minerals and precious stones of rhodochrosite, malachite and diamonds p..
1449 Руб
An indispensable tool for the enhancement of skin immunity and of adaptive abilities of the ski..
489 Руб
A balm for skin bust nutritious (in a tube) to look at
Action: nourishes and moisturizes the skin..
399 Руб
A set of
Set the aiming action! Balm, created on the principles of cellular cosmetics, models the facial cont..
799 Руб
The health of blood vessels requires a comprehensive approach. Balm SHISEIKAN thanks to the active c..
749 Руб
Salon care at home! After using this mask, skin is instantly transformed, becoming more supple, f..
369 Руб
SHAMPOO Sebo-regulating look at
  Innovative Sebo-regulating shampoo works in several ways, solving many problems of the sca..
489 Руб
The conditioning effect of increasing the amount of hair to look at
    Air conditioning provides protein hair repair, increases the volume. Adds Shine ..
399 Руб
Mask activator to look at
    Mask based on plant extracts actively stimulates the regeneration of the hair fo..
699 Руб
Oil-based: aromacomposition
The composition of essential oils "Immunity" is the elixir of the natural antiseptic that pro..
499 Руб
Thick and nourishing balm ideal for skin care in winter! The complex of vitamin F, organic o..
499 Руб
New mask to maintain health and protect the skin! The tool normalizes the microcirculation a..
429 Руб
Quarterly calendar for 2019 to see
A great business gift is a quarterly calendar for 2019. Give your partners, decorate your offic..
180 Руб
Set PRO SALON look at
As part of the set: • Enzymatic peeling with papain Ideal for skin with the first signs of ageing,..
899 Руб
Hair mask for bioluminescene to look at
This is a new type tools for hair care, easy and comfortable to use is an alternative to salon ..
399 Руб
Set Hand
Give your loved ones a warm hug and a gentle touch with the Hand ..
599 Руб
Set Spa Salon to look at
Japanese matcha tea has a unique antioxidant and effectively fights signs of skin aging. This "jad..
749 Руб
Skin lifting gel for the face and body to look at
The gel provides an instant cosmetic result is healthy, well-groomed, radiant skin. Mother-o..
399 Руб
Palette eyeshadow
4 completely different textures in one palette. Satin light shade is ideal for the..
1399 Руб
Palette eyeshadow
Playful and seductive violet: the VIOLET palette MAGIC will not leave unnoticed any girl. ..
1399 Руб
Palette eyeshadow
Luxury in every shade! Each of them can be independent and with its own character!..
1399 Руб
Palette eyeshadow
Matte texture perfectly smoothes the surface of the delicate eyelid skin, creating a velvety..
1399 Руб
Serum-booster with hyaluronic acid to look at
Action:   Moisturizes and restructurizer Activates fibroblasts In a serum-bo..
1799 Руб
A set of probes in the envelope to look at
Set of 3 sachet samples-3 ml. daily care for any skin: FOAM CLEANSER with fruit acids and chamomi..
49 Руб
SERUM-BOOSTER to look at
Multiple strengthening the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid without injections! Unique b..
1499 Руб
• Eliminates swelling, congestion, provides a powerful fitting through a combination of plant extrac..
498 Руб
Bioactive body lotion with kelp to look at
  A new way to maintain the skin tone of the body! A rejuvenating effect is achieved through..
429 Руб
An inexhaustible source of radiance and energy to skin. The unique combination of hyaluronic acid a..
548 Руб
Soft brush is made of innovative material allows you to paint, lengthen and comb every lash, creatin..
699 Руб
Makeup base
Leveling base under makeup Primer Photo Finish with the extract of rose petals and salts of hyaluron..
1299 Руб
Illuminating makeup base Primer Fashion Look improves the complexion, refreshes the skin and elimina..
1299 Руб
Serum for eyelids to look at
Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronan fibroblasts, differentiation and proliferat..
903 Руб
The massage oil can be hard to see
Natural oils and CO2-extracts give the skin a silky, soft, softness, increase firmness and elas..
866 Руб
Action:   Recommended as a comprehensive care weakened by coloring, perming, regula..
489 Руб
Action:   Specially selected composition of neutral detergents allows to achieve and m..
468 Руб
Mineral loose powder - Medium look at
Action: Mineral loose powder - natural-looking makeup, and additional skin care. In was composed ..
999 Руб
Mineral loose powder - light to look at
Action: Mineral loose powder - natural-looking makeup, and additional skin care. In was composed ..
999 Руб
The seasonal catalog to look at
All the products in one place, a description of each tool, tips, advice, articles and rates – essent..
35 Руб
  Silk cocoon – the perfect exfoliating and cleansing the pores of the tool. When soaking..
299 Руб
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