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The beginning of a new beauty of the season is always waiting for the new creams and balms. Following the fashion, HM Mirra regularly releases new, interesting and most importantly effective products.

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Serum for eyelids to look at mirra.ru.com
Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronan fibroblasts, differentiation and proliferat..
903 Руб
The massage oil can be hard to see mirra.ru.com
Natural oils and CO2-extracts give the skin a silky, soft, softness, increase firmness and elas..
866 Руб
SHAMPOO AGAINST HAIR LOSS look at mirra.ru.com
Action:   Recommended as a comprehensive care weakened by coloring, perming, regula..
489 Руб
MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO to see mirra.ru.com
Action:   Specially selected composition of neutral detergents allows to achieve and m..
468 Руб
Mineral loose powder - Medium look at mirra.ru.com
Action: Mineral loose powder - natural-looking makeup, and additional skin care. In was composed ..
999 Руб
Mineral loose powder - light to look at mirra.ru.com
Action: Mineral loose powder - natural-looking makeup, and additional skin care. In was composed ..
999 Руб
Mineral mascara - Brown color to look at mirra.ru.com
Action: The cream formula contains trace elements magnesium and calcium, strengthens the lashes, ..
749 Руб
The serum is CLEAR for local application to look at mirra.ru.com
Point remedy for inflammation! Serum azelaic and salicylic acid has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory..
524 Руб
Caviar set to look at mirra.ru.com
Premium care program! Toning: LOTION enriched with caviar Sol stimulates metabolism..
1650 Руб
The seasonal catalog to look at mirra.ru.com
All the products in one place, a description of each tool, tips, advice, articles and rates – essent..
35 Руб
Package Russian Collection to look at mirra.ru.com
Gift package cardboard ..
56 Руб
T-shirt size XL look at mirra.ru.com
386 Руб
T-shirt size L look at mirra.ru.com
386 Руб
T-shirt size M look at mirra.ru.com
386 Руб
Baseball cap to look at mirra.ru.com
245 Руб
The makeup NUDE look at mirra.ru.com
Set of decorative cosmetics to create a fresh natural look: concealer to hide all imperfections BB..
1199 Руб
A set of peel-off masks to look at mirra.ru.com
I don't know what mask to choose? Take a set at the best price and try every! Blueberry..
999 Руб
Package МIRRA to look at mirra.ru.com
Bright gift pack of cardboard decorated with a satin ribbon color brand. Convenient size: 240х195х..
99 Руб
Bag (beach) to look at mirra.ru.com
How much you need to take to the beach! You no longer need to choose what to bring – toys or ..
699 Руб
The makeup of the Sea breeze to look at mirra.ru.com
Like a real sea breeze, set with shadows "the Blue planet" is a fresh approach to summer makeup! L..
999 Руб
The makeup of the lunar path to look at mirra.ru.com
Shine at any party! With this set You can create a intense evening make-up: eye shadow great get ..
999 Руб
GEL DUAL ACTION to look at mirra.ru.com
Double strike on the issue: A quick analgesic effect Anti-inflammatory effect It has an ..
498 Руб
Thermometer gift to look at mirra.ru.com
Nano-thermometer for measuring body temperature. Unique technology: temperature sensors made of l..
99 Руб
Package for cosmetics to see mirra.ru.com
Compact and colorful paper gift bag for cosmetics. Give the makeup is beautiful! ..
79 Руб
The cream works in 3 directions: • restores the protective barrier of the skin • stimulates he..
498 Руб
Liquid eyeliner DEEP LINER black ultra to see mirra.ru.com
The special applicator is designed to apply a clear line of any thickness and effectively to accen..
669 Руб
The cream-tone ELIXIR natural beige look at mirra.ru.com
In the new season for a flawless complexion meets the cream –tone Elixir.Texture well evens ,matti..
923 Руб
Cosmetic bag - new look at mirra.ru.com
The height of the dense, easily washable textile material not only helps to bring everything you nee..
248 Руб
Shawl-pareo to look at mirra.ru.com
Light, bright and stylish shawl-pareo from MIRRA will help to create your image. Thanks to the multi..
899 Руб
Mineral-peptide complex of marine collagen   A powerful impetus to the skin: · Promote..
599 Руб
Serum BIO SILK to see mirra.ru.com
Disposable face mask for deep skin regeneration with silk protein - a unique tool to restore the ski..
368 Руб
Nourishing lipstick - Garnet to look at mirra.ru.com
A brilliant formula for gentle nourishing texture lends a juicy pomegranate, very trendy with a meta..
498 Руб
Set detox Update to see mirra.ru.com
In the set: Face mask clay Deep cleansing Asset-balm repairwmi Face mask clay Deep cleansing ..
649 Руб
Sponge makeup SILISPONGE to look at mirra.ru.com
Provides ideal application and a uniform dense coating, and most importantly, the optimal consum..
199 Руб
Balm warming SHISEIKAN to look at mirra.ru.com
Thanks to the combination of incoming components, the balm has analgesic, relaxing, capillary-streng..
581 Руб
Eye shadow - Natural to look at mirra.ru.com
The shadows-the basis is a necessary thing in every makeup bag! Due to its incredi..
468 Руб
Eyeshadow - Rose quartz look at mirra.ru.com
Ultrasiyayuschie shadows with incredible pigmentation! Its silky texture makes it easy to ..
468 Руб
Package a gift to look at mirra.ru.com
Gift package with original design is perfectly suited for decoration of a gift from MIRRA! Any pr..
55 Руб
Night hydrating mask to look at mirra.ru.com
Intensely moisturizes and softens dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Normalizes water balance. Rest..
491 Руб 413 Руб
Cosmetic bag - Christmas mood to look at mirra.ru.com
Christmas mood is in the details! Festive design of this accessory is the best fit for storag..
278 Руб
Napkin for removing make-up to look at mirra.ru.com
With incredible ease removes makeup, gently cleansing the skin in a completely natural way! Thank..
399 Руб
The pill box to look at mirra.ru.com
The pill box will help to distribute medicines, vitamins and SUPPLEMENTS for correct reception durin..
179 Руб
Cosmetic DECOR (transparent) look at mirra.ru.com
Very comfortable, roomy and practical bag. Size 23х18х7см Sides made of thick transparent vinyl. ..
299 Руб
Cosmetic DECOR (small) look at mirra.ru.com
Ideal for carrying in bag. With its small dimensions (18х12см), a beautician will always be at ha..
179 Руб
MIRRA-PYRANOL to look at mirra.ru.com
    Unique and innovative products are second to none! Bee product - 100% pollen be..
974 Руб
Shades for face and body SILVER SHINE look at mirra.ru.com
Impressive! Vysokomehanizirovannoe shade for the face and body. Crumbly velvety pigment – it'..
338 Руб
Shades for face and body GOLD SHINE look at mirra.ru.com
Vysokomehanizirovannoe shade for the face and body. Impressive! Crumbly velvety pigment – it's..
338 Руб
A business with a guarantee of success look at mirra.ru.com
This guide will help you understand what opportunities are in front of You opens a business with MIR..
173 Руб
Foundation cream for all skin types to look at mirra.ru.com
A unique product creates the effect of a deeply hydrated and glowing from the inside, healthy skin. ..
891 Руб
Universal compact powder with a matte effect - warm beige look at mirra.ru.com
Universal matting powder will protect the face with a thin veil, permanently preventing its Shine. ..
996 Руб
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