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The beginning of a new beauty of the season is always waiting for the new creams and balms. Following the fashion, HM Mirra regularly releases new, interesting and most importantly effective products.

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Mask criativa with biogeochemical to look at
Your skin is protected from stress! Centella asiatica extract rich in biologically active su..
539 Руб
Mask for skin glow look at
Innovation! The effect of "Antipollution" – helps the skin keep a protective barrier from envir..
539 Руб
Trimodality eye cream look at
• Eliminates swelling, congestion, provides a powerful fitting through a combination of plant e..
449 Руб
The program of care for problem skin look at
Skin, prone to imperfections, requires special attention regardless of the time of year. Howeve..
2835 Руб
Enzyme powder with BHA microequivalent to look at
Smoothes skin microrelief Helps cleanse the duct of the sebaceous glands Has a de..
699 Руб
Eyebrow pencil to look at
The texture is perfect for filling, lengthening and shaping eyebrows. Formula wax with a beauti..
299 Руб
Lip pencil
Lip pencil MIRRA – the secret of flawlessly smooth, clear path and strong saturated color of yo..
299 Руб
Lip liner
Lip pencil MIRRA – the secret of flawlessly smooth, clear path and strong saturated color of yo..
299 Руб
Lip pencil
Lip pencil MIRRA – the secret of flawlessly smooth, clear path and strong saturated color of yo..
299 Руб
MIRRA wristband with a UV indicator to look at
Magic bracelet MIRRA shows the level of solar radiation! Just put the light under direct sunlig..
148 Руб
Sponges for washing to look at
To gently and effectively cleanse the skin of impurities and blackheads, removing masks and mak..
99 Руб
Directory seasonal collection of 100 pieces to look at
100 directories at a bargain price! Packed in 2 packs of 50 pieces. ..
1000 Руб
Directory seasonal set of 50 PCs to look at
Best price on packaging directory! ..
750 Руб
The seasonal catalogue set of 10 pieces to look at
Best set of 10 directories on spetstsene! ..
200 Руб
Directory seasonal set of 5 pieces to look at
Set of 5 PCs best price ..
150 Руб
Best price with the purchase of two new products: Mascara MINERAL "Glossy Neon" green ..
1299 Руб
The program for intensive regeneration of the skin after sun to look at
In pursuit of the perfect tan, you can forget about leaving after a day of sunbathing, which ca..
2148 Руб
Программа для чувствительной кожи
Чувствительная – это не тип кожи, это состояние. Как сухая, нормальная, так и жирная, и комбинирован..
3689 Руб
Program for dehydrated skin to look at
Unpleasant feeling of dryness and tightness after washing your face, fine lines, rough surface ..
4269 Руб
Program for normal or dry skin to look at
Dry skin has such symptoms as tightness, peeling, abundance of wrinkles. As a rule, thin skin, sen..
2589 Руб
Program for oily and combination skin to see
There is a belief that oily skin needs to "dry". This is not so. Any skin needs quality moistur..
2775 Руб
Ultra moisturizing face cream CRYO PRO to look at
Lecithin and components of the natural moisturizing factor of the skin repeat the structure of ..
599 Руб
Shower gel
Double the pleasure for the skin! A fresh floral-fruity fragrance of the Lily and pomegranate, ..
299 Руб
Rinse the oral cavity refreshing
Strengthens the hard tissue of the teeth, thus preventing tooth decay and freshens breath. Rins..
299 Руб
Rinse the mouth
One of the main ingredients is propolis – the "universal healer gums" in dentistry. It promotes..
299 Руб
Liquid hand soap to look at
  Refreshing liquid soap has the optimum pH level, providing gentle cleansing and effective ..
249 Руб
The soft shimmering color care formula and the fashionable image in one bottle! Mascara, glit..
749 Руб
Lipstick French kiss to look at
Trendy color that suits women of all ages – coming down from the fashion catwalks of Europe – "..
599 Руб
Mascara Indian summer
Your new favorite! Indigo... deep and rich, mysterious and aristocratic. The bru..
699 Руб
Foundation base – tone
Description: A welcome update - light porcelain shade mineral makeup! It is designed to smooth th..
899 Руб 699 Руб
Blush-Soft blush highlighter illusion to look at
Blush-SOFT BLUSH highlighter ILLUSION Vysokomehanizirovannoe ..
899 Руб
OIL-FOAM with marine collagen to look for
Deep cleansing and moisturizing! The tool combines efficiency with 2 cleansers -..
489 Руб
Brochure about functional nutrition MIRRA Silhouette to look at
A brochure about the functional food SILHOUETTE Inside You'll find: - features applicatio..
23 Руб
Set Beauty and easy to look at
The set includes: 3370 SET FORMULA of HEALTH - PREBIOTIC 7pcs x 5g 3371 SET FORMULA EAS..
1099 Руб
Polishing PEEL SOFT peeling gommage to look at
A unique tool for intensive cleansing: simultaneously moisturizes and cleanses the skin,..
599 Руб
SERUM-BOOSTER with marine collagen peptides to look for
Collagen "injection" without a needle! Serum helps to reduce wrinkles by acting on the c..
999 Руб
Regenerating cream COLLAGEN PREMIUM to look at
Tool with an incredibly pleasant aroma and delicate texture effectively heals the ..
599 Руб
Gift box to see
Box of cardboard with a gift shell. Included designer paper as filler. Size: 14х18х6,5 cm ..
35 Руб
Ultra moisturizing facial MASK WITH PEARL POWDER to look at
Chemical composition of pearl powder brings together 36 amino acids and trace elements, and c..
349 Руб
Directory MIRRA PROFESSIONAL the 2018 to see
Illustrated guide to the A4 with the product MIRRA PROFESSIONAL. ..
99 Руб
Almond peeling-booster multicyclonic to look at
Almond peeling - booster peeling multicyclonic 46%, pH 1.9 lines MIRRA PROFESSIONAL designed..
1899 Руб
A balm for skin bust nutritious (in a tube) to look at
Action: nourishes and moisturizes the skin..
399 Руб
SHAMPOO Sebo-regulating look at
  Innovative Sebo-regulating shampoo works in several ways, solving many problems of the sca..
489 Руб
The conditioning effect of increasing the amount of hair to look at
    Air conditioning provides protein hair repair, increases the volume. Adds Shine ..
399 Руб 339 Руб
Mask activator to look at
    Mask based on plant extracts actively stimulates the regeneration of the hair fo..
699 Руб
Oil-based: aromacomposition
The composition of essential oils "Immunity" is the elixir of the natural antiseptic that pro..
499 Руб
New mask to maintain health and protect the skin! The tool normalizes the microcirculation a..
429 Руб
Quarterly calendar for 2019 to see
A great business gift is a quarterly calendar for 2019. Give your partners, decorate your offic..
180 Руб
Hair mask for bioluminescene to look at
This is a new type tools for hair care, easy and comfortable to use is an alternative to salon ..
399 Руб
Set Spa Salon to look at
Japanese matcha tea has a unique antioxidant and effectively fights signs of skin aging. This "jad..
749 Руб
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Выгодная цена с 1 по 31 мая. Крем для рук в тубе и крем для ног в тубе  продаются за 549 руб (вместо 698 руб) - розничная цена ..
Замена акционного товара
Внимание! В связи с временным отсутствием арт. 98145 "SOFT PEEL полирующий пилинг-гоммаж" в рамках акции будет произведена замена на арт.3105 "ФЕРМЕНТАТИВНЫЙ ЭКСФОЛИАНТ с папаином". При покупке на сумму от 1499 руб. с 20 апреля по 31 мая на ФЕРМЕНТАТИВНЫЙ ЭКСФОЛИАНТ с папаином устанавливается спеццена  399 руб ..
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