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The beginning of a new beauty of the season is always waiting for the new creams and balms. Following the fashion, HM Mirra regularly releases new, interesting and most importantly effective products.

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Set the
The purpose of the "body Beautiful" is achievable! To be feminine, elegant and sexy, to feel go..
899 Руб
A set of
It's cheaper together! CRYSTAL nail FILE with case - one of the most important and integral..
499 Руб
A set of
GEL REPAIRWMI and BALM BIGIRON Duo for healthy skin working on a cellular level. GEL REP..
899 Руб
Detox mask with vegetable coal to look at mirra.ru.com
Triple effect after the first application: the coal – cleansing..
449 Руб
Eye patches with black biocellata to look at mirra.ru.com
Immediate effect..
179 Руб
Collagen is a natural skin, the amount of which depends on its biological age. When a sh..
1749 Руб
A set of
Dry, irritated skin, dull complexion – this unpleasant moments contribute to the adverse effe..
2199 Руб
In his youth the process of renewal of skin cells occurs quickly, but over time slows down. ..
1799 Руб
A set of
A holistic approach to beauty and health is the right decision, especially when it comes to c..
1199 Руб
The set of
Anti-stress programme directed action. Tools specially designed to maintain moisture and..
999 Руб
Foundation base – tone
Description: The unique composition, new color. Foundation is ideal for any makeup: day, eve..
899 Руб
Cosmetic bag Moonlight - great to look at mirra.ru.com
Size 18 x 11 x 8 cm Bright shimmering cosmetic bag will be noticeable your purchase or a wonder..
408 Руб
Cosmetic bag Moonlight - small look at mirra.ru.com
Size 12.5 x 24 cm Compact cosmetic bag Moonlight embodies all the modern trends: delicate colo..
363 Руб
A refreshing spray mist for the face CRYO PRO to look at mirra.ru.com
  Continuous hydration: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For production we use specially prep..
498 Руб 419 Руб
MIRRA Pyranol-2 on mirra.ru.com
Contains valuable natural system necessary for the functioning of the human body vitamins, a..
1199 Руб
Mask regenerating bioeffector to look at mirra.ru.com
A cooling mask with menthol increases blood circulation in the skin, gently regulates the sebac..
539 Руб 429 Руб
Spray for Shine UV and heat protection to look at mirra.ru.com
Remedy leave-in hair treatment, serum concentrate-spray!  5 types of protein ..
399 Руб
Lipstick -
Lip pencil MIRRA – the secret of flawlessly smooth, clear path and strong saturated color of yo..
299 Руб
Mask criativa with biogeochemical to look at mirra.ru.com
  Your skin is protected from stress! Centella asiatica extract rich in biologically active ..
539 Руб 429 Руб
Mask for skin glow look at mirra.ru.com
  Innovation! The effect of "Antipollution" – helps the skin keep a protective barrier from ..
539 Руб 429 Руб
Trimodality eye cream look at mirra.ru.com
• Eliminates swelling, congestion, provides a powerful fitting through a combination of plant extrac..
449 Руб 399 Руб
Enzyme powder with BHA microequivalent to look at mirra.ru.com
Smoothes skin microrelief Helps cleanse the duct of the sebaceous glands Has a de..
699 Руб
Eyebrow pencil to look at mirra.ru.com
The texture is perfect for filling, lengthening and shaping eyebrows. Formula wax with a beauti..
299 Руб
Lip pencil
Lip pencil MIRRA – the secret of flawlessly smooth, clear path and strong saturated color of yo..
299 Руб
Lip liner
Lip pencil MIRRA – the secret of flawlessly smooth, clear path and strong saturated color of yo..
299 Руб
Lip pencil
Lip pencil MIRRA – the secret of flawlessly smooth, clear path and strong saturated color of yo..
299 Руб
MIRRA wristband with a UV indicator to look at mirra.ru.com
Magic bracelet MIRRA shows the level of solar radiation! Just put the light under direct sunlig..
148 Руб
Sponges for washing to look at mirra.ru.com
To gently and effectively cleanse the skin of impurities and blackheads, removing masks and mak..
99 Руб
Directory seasonal collection of 100 pieces to look at mirra.ru.com
100 directories at a bargain price! Packed in 2 packs of 50 pieces. ..
1000 Руб
Directory seasonal set of 50 PCs to look at mirra.ru.com
Best price on packaging directory! ..
750 Руб
The seasonal catalogue set of 10 pieces to look at mirra.ru.com
Best set of 10 directories on spetstsene! ..
200 Руб
Directory seasonal set of 5 pieces to look at mirra.ru.com
Set of 5 PCs best price ..
150 Руб
Ultra moisturizing face cream CRYO PRO to look at mirra.ru.com
Lecithin and components of the natural moisturizing factor of the skin repeat the structure of ..
599 Руб 499 Руб
Shower gel
Double the pleasure for the skin! A fresh floral-fruity fragrance of the Lily and pomegranate, ..
299 Руб
Rinse the oral cavity refreshing
Strengthens the hard tissue of the teeth, thus preventing tooth decay and freshens breath. Rins..
299 Руб
Rinse the mouth
One of the main ingredients is propolis – the "universal healer gums" in dentistry. It promotes..
299 Руб
Liquid hand soap to look at mirra.ru.com
  Refreshing liquid soap has the optimum pH level, providing gentle cleansing and effective ..
249 Руб
The soft shimmering color care formula and the fashionable image in one bottle! Mascara, glit..
749 Руб
Together cheaper hand cream and foot cream to see mirra.ru.com
Favorite for body in best duet: The nourishing hand cream with clover, alfalfa and Shilajit Foot..
549 Руб
Lipstick French kiss to look at mirra.ru.com
Trendy color that suits women of all ages – coming down from the fashion catwalks of Europe – "..
599 Руб
Mascara Indian summer
Your new favorite! Indigo... deep and rich, mysterious and aristocratic. The bru..
699 Руб
Foundation base – tone
Description: A welcome update - light porcelain shade mineral makeup! It is designed to smooth th..
899 Руб
Blush-Soft blush highlighter illusion to look at mirra.ru.com
Blush-SOFT BLUSH highlighter ILLUSION Vysokomehanizirovannoe ..
899 Руб
OIL-FOAM with marine collagen to look for mirra.ru.com
Deep cleansing and moisturizing! The tool combines efficiency with 2 cleansers -..
489 Руб
Brochure about functional nutrition MIRRA Silhouette to look at mirra.ru.com
A brochure about the functional food SILHOUETTE Inside You'll find: - features applicatio..
23 Руб
Polishing PEEL SOFT peeling gommage to look at mirra.ru.com
A unique tool for intensive cleansing: simultaneously moisturizes and cleanses the skin,..
599 Руб
SERUM-BOOSTER with marine collagen peptides to look for mirra.ru.com
Collagen "injection" without a needle! Serum helps to reduce wrinkles by acting on the c..
999 Руб
Regenerating cream COLLAGEN PREMIUM to look at mirra.ru.com
Tool with an incredibly pleasant aroma and delicate texture effectively heals the ..
599 Руб
Gift box to see mirra.ru.com
Box of cardboard with a gift shell. Included designer paper as filler. Size: 14х18х6,5 cm ..
35 Руб
Ultra moisturizing facial MASK WITH PEARL POWDER to look at mirra.ru.com
Chemical composition of pearl powder brings together 36 amino acids and trace elements, and c..
349 Руб 179 Руб
Осенние акции Мирра в октябре, ноябре, декабре 2019
Начал действие осенний ПРОМО-КАТАЛОГ Интересные новинки, выгодные акции, любимые продукты со скидкой Обратите внимание, некоторые товары в ограниченном количестве Забирайте интересные предложения здесь http://mirra.ru.com/mini-katalog/promo-katalog-vinter ..
Каталог Мирра Осень 2019
    Подходит к концу лето и в предвкушении яркой осени приглашаем вас подготовиться к знакомству с выгодными предложениями сентября.     Мы уже начали готовить для Вас каталог Мирра Осень 2019 и, буквально в считанные дни он будет размещен на нашем сайте http://mirra.ru.com/sezonnyy-katalog/autumn (сейчас по этой ссылке размещен еще каталог прошлого года)    В сентябре немало праздников, государственных, международных и профессиональных. И каждый из них имеет своих приверженцев. Иногда бывает очень важно поздравить близкого человека с ..
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