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Preferential registration of Myrrh in January

Preferential registration of Myrrh in January

Christmas gifts continue to come into our lives, and it's great!

Many of our visitors wonder how to get distribution a 30% discount and purchase favorite cosmetics at a bargain price?

The answer is very simple. To become a distributor (or consultant if desired) cosmetics Mirra enough to fill in the registration form on our website mirra.ru.com on this page http://mirra.ru.com/regcomp1

During the day we will issue You a check, send registration number and we will advise you how and where you can conveniently buy cosmetics Mirra already discounted.

 What's next? Dispel the fears of our valued fans. It is believed that after registering with the company You will often be bothered by suggestions, You do not need. We understand that You just want to buy cosmetics Mirra at a discount. And we want You to be comfortable doing it. So after checking in we only answer questions from our distributors and distribute news about your company (1-2 times per month). We provide advice on selection and use of cosmetics Mirra. All! Refer You, as needed.

 The protection of Your data. We cherish the information You provide and understands how important this is. Learn more about keeping Your information here http://mirra.ru.com/confidencial

Decided to register in the company of Myrrh, follow this link http://mirra.ru.com/regcomp1

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